historiography NOUN 1) the study of the writing of history and of written histories. 2) the writing of history.
DERIVATIVES historiographer noun historiographic adjective historiographical adjective.

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  • Historiographer — His*to ri*og ra*pher (h[i^]s*t[=o] r[i^]*[o^]g r[.a]*f[ e]r), n. [L. historiographus, Gr. istoriogra fos; istori a history + gra fein to write: cf. F. historiographe.] An historian; a writer of history; especially, one appointed or designated to… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • historiographer — [his tôr΄ē äg′rə fər] n. [< OFr or LL: OFr historiographeur < LL historiographus < Gr historiographos < historia (see HISTORY) + graphein, to write (see GRAPHIC)] 1. a historian; esp., one appointed to write the history of some… …   English World dictionary

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